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Depending on what laptop, you may need to turn the serial port on from
bios. I don't believe this is the case on the most recent models, but it
was the case for many years.

Also, what kind of floppy you get is similarly dependent on the model.
The IBM Thinkpad web site is pretty good about this kind of info. The
newer machines use something IBM calls an Ultra port, which lets you
plug different kinds of devices into the machine. When plugged in
they're actually part of the laptop itself as if they were builtin. It's
quite easy to swap devices, but to my experience Linux isn't happy about
you doing that while the system is booted.

igueths at comcast.net writes:
> From: "igueths at comcast.net" <igueths at comcast.net>
> Hi all. I'm aware that in general the thinkpads work very well with Linux.
> Is there any specific compatibility problem I should know about? Because I
> am planning on getting one.Also the specs that I saw mention that the
> laptop includes a floppy drive=2E Is this drive internal or modular? Thanks.
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