OT: Plea for Assistance

Keith Watson Kwatson at smed.yi.org
Mon Nov 3 22:16:39 EST 2003

Hello All,

I have a favour to ask of everyone. I am taking a Statistics class 
this semester and am required to gather data on a topic of my 
choice. I have chosen to impose upon you in order to gather some 
data. There is a very short survey at the url listed below that I 
would like for anyone and everyone to take. It is completely 
anonymous and I would be extremely greatful for your assistance.

The url is: http://smed.yi.org/survey.html

There are 3 questions, and the form will not let you submit 
without completing all 3 questions. See I told you it was short.

This analysis is by no means a complete analysis of all the 
variables that could be used in a study of this type. It is only 
enough so that I may meet the requirements of my assignment. If I 
should one day feel the need to burden myself with a complete 
study in this area I will have to have one of you shoot me first.

My thanks to all who take this survey, and a very heart felt 
Thank You to Jim Danley for putting it together for me.

Keith Watson
kwatson at smed.yi.org

Among the major impediments to discovery are not the ignorant
but those with illusions of knowledge.    - B. Alan Wallace

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