making a notetaker that runs a linux type os

Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun Nov 2 18:58:33 EST 2003

This has already been done. There is the alba. I'm not sure what the
URL for that is, but hopefully someone else will provide that.

I am also part of a group working towards making a gnu/linux
distribution run on the braille/voice note from Pulse Data


On Sun, Nov 02, 2003 at 05:52:54PM -0600, Nick Gawronski wrote:
>       Hi, I was wondering how come no one has yet made a notetaker that 
> runs a version of linux and how hard would it be to develope one.  I think 
> that it would be a great thing to make because linux is opensource and it 
> can easly be ported and modified What do you think of this?  bye 
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