Festival Module for Speakup

Matteo Fasanella mfasanella at deis.unibo.it
Tue Mar 25 05:07:35 EST 2003

Owen Patrick Smith wrote:

>Myself and my two project partenors are working along the same lines as
>you.  See our (somewhat outdated) website at http://users.wpi.edu/~blinux
>for a description of our work. Our code uses the device file system to
>transfer the data while yours appears to use a system call that was added
>for the purpose.  Our code also includes SMP protections even though
>Speakup itself does not on the theory that sometime soon it may.

I didn't take care of smp, cause I think most of user don't have a 
multiprocessor machine; instead, one of our Project Requisite was a 
"real time" behaviour on a Pentium II 233 machine.
However, we should consider to include a smp protection, for a complete 

For interaction between kernel and userlan, I considered three different 
- via dev fs
- via proc fs
- via system call

and the most efficient was the third case, so was implemented via system 
call, even if devfs e procfs are more flexible.

>The reason I am writing you is that your code does not mention anywhere
>(except in festival.h) under what lisence the code is being released.  If
>you would tell us if your code is GPL'ed or under some similar lisence
>that would be useful as we may wish to use your middleware.c file as the
>basis on which to build our own.

Sorry... all the code is under GPL...
I wrote about it on the website, but I forget to add the license file 
into the tarball.


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