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Tue Mar 25 01:45:08 EST 2003


If you are not interested in this initiative, you will not be bothered
again.  If you are, please feel free to forward this to other interested

From: Jonathan Mosen <jonathan at>

Shortly after 02:30 GMT on Thursday 20 March, the United States and it's
allies including the UK and Australia launched pre-emptive strikes
against Iraq. Pre-emptive strikes are illegal in international law! "All
Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat
or use of force against the territorial integrity or political
independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the
Purposes of the United Nations." Charter of the United Nations, Article
2.4, to go live shortly, seeks to assist in raising
awareness of the illegality of the invasion of Iraq, both through this
web site, and a marathon web cast to commence shortly.

Further, we appeal to visitors to contribute to relief efforts, by
donating what you can to independent international humanitarian
organisations such as the RED CROSS.

We are inviting all webcasters who share our vision to join us in this
broadcast for peace. A common server will be available and webcasters
may be allocated time on this server to broadcast for peace. We will
also consider requests to relay the broadcast on your own station.

As the domain will take some time to propagate, if you are interested in
broadcasting for peace, please contact me at mailto:jonathan at

Thanks for reading and we look forward to those of like mind joining us
in our broadcast for peace.

	Jonathan Mosen

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