starting brltty

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sat Mar 22 00:04:21 EST 2003

If you are using the source tarball, you should follow the directions in the
README in the main directory of the tarball after opening it. I don't think you
actually have to edit any of the source files if you're using version 3.0 or
beyond; the latest is 3.2. I use the braillelite40 and my brltty.conf has

braille-device /dev/ttyS0
braille-driver bl
speech-driver bl

Yours of course may not be identical.
My braillelite is set to 9600 baud; I don't know for sure at this point if that
is the default for brltty or if brltty now automatically detects this.
If you have your brltty.conf, and are using the source tarball, you should just
be able to run
make install
and type brltty as root and have it work. You can also get it fixed up to start
when booting; read the manual in the Documents directory for more information. I
would recommend reaeding that manual anyway.
If, on the other hand, you are using a debian package or redhat rpm, follow the
instructions with those.
a lot of people on the blinux list use brltty and the maintainer of brltty, Dave
Mielke, is also on that list.


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