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Hey Alex. Well, I would assume that Alsa may be involved somehow, which
would involve modifying the boot sequence.  However, this would create
problems, as it would significantly increase the size of the kernel, and
once you start messing with boot sequences, you have an inherent risk of
breaking the entire system. i.e.  A compromise will have to be made between
quality and TTS rules. In effect, no Festival, BC its way too large for such
a project, something lightweight will be used.  But it would be interesting
to see the final code, or even some of it in beta form when its finally
released. Maybe I'll check the CVS server, their may be some modules within
unstable or testing trees.  Anyhow, should be interesting. If any of you get
hold of some of the code, let me know.
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> How is this going to work? bc speakup loads early in the boot process
> prior to any sound drivers.  so would speakup wait for the sound drivers
> and then load?
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> On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Owen Patrick Smith wrote:
> > Unfortunately no, we haven't updated the page lately however we are
> > working on the project.  The end appears to be in sight but classes are
> > slowing down progress so please bear with us.  With luck we may have
> > usable code in a couple of weeks.
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> > Hope this helps,
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> > Owen Smith
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> > On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Jared wrote:
> >
> > > I was reading a page about a group of collige students who were trying
> > > update speakup to work with software speach. As near as I can tell,
> > > page hasn't been updated. If this effort has died, or been taken up by
> > > someone else I'd appreciate knowing whats going on.
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