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Aaron Howell aaron at kitten.net.au
Thu Mar 20 21:28:12 EST 2003

There was a (now very old) program called getty_ps which did this.
It had what it called ring back mode where the modem would watch for a call, then a break then another call.
It'd answer the second call, so long as it came within a certain amount of time.
The first call would go unanswered (to your answering machine).
I'm no sure where you'd get it these days, or even if it would still work with the current serial driver in the kernel,
but thats the only way i know to achieve this.
Your phone company might be able to provide you with a distinctive ring service,
and if it can, you could use mgetty to answer a call appropriately
based on the ring pattern your modem receives (data calls would get answered before the answering machine had time to wake up to the presence of a call,
and voice calls could be ignored, or, you could do away with the answering machine altogether and answer voice calls with mgetty+voice.
On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 08:19:41PM -0600, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have been seriously considering the idea of setting up a dial-up server for myself, in the event that I want to access my machine,
> but have no access to a network, only to a phone line.
> My problem is though that I have an answering machine, and only 1 phone line.
> Is there some way to setup init/agetty so that the modem would answer the phone on every other call?
> A scenario of what I mean by that is as follows.
> 1. I call in, and remotely disable my answering machine.
> 2. I call in with a modem this time, and say my server is set to pick up on the 6th ring, which it does.
> I then login, do whatever I got to do, and end the connection.
> 3. I call in again, but the modem knows this is another call, and doesn't pick up.
> This would give my machine a chance to pick up after 10 rings, so that I can reenable it.
> Then, in the future, if I disabled the machine, and let the phone ring 6 times, the modem would pick up.
> Then, if I called in once more, it wouldn't pick up, and so on.
> Could someone please tell me if what I'm suggesting is possible, and how 
> I can accomplish it?
> Thanks in advance.
> Greg
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