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Igor Gueths igueths at attbi.com
Thu Mar 20 18:25:24 EST 2003

I do have a free serial port, however ask me if I have a serial cable to
go with it? At the moment no I don't. And that's a pretty big problem.
Well guess I have to dig up a copy of duxbury crap translator oops I mean
braille and see if I can get it working on my laptop, the embossing that

May you code in the power of the source,
may the kernel, libraries, and utilities be with you,
throughout all distributions until the end of the epoch.

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Adam Myrow wrote:

> It's actually ftp://ftp.blazie.com.  I don't think it's being maintained
> anymore, but still seems to be running.  Out of curiosity, do you have a
> free serial port?  Maybe you could convince the Blazer to work over the
> serial port if so.
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