embossing files

Igor Gueths igueths at attbi.com
Wed Mar 19 20:45:52 EST 2003

Hi all. Well I am still having problems embossing with the Blazer on
Linux. Apparently, when I do lpr filename.brf, I get a message which says:
"Lp0: compatibility mode. The Blazer doesn't start embossing. however,
when I switch over to the print printer using my parallel switch, and do
the same thing except with -P option, it prints just fine. note that I
still get the above message however. What would the parport be trying to
emulate that is putting it in ccompatibility mode? I spoke to someone I
know who works for Duxbury and he said that the Blazer has no handshaking
problems on winblows, and that in theory I just should be able to do cat
filename >/dev/lp0 and off it goes. I am going to attach dmesg output in
the next message since doing so in the same msg threw the message into the
moderator queue, and it never got posted. Can anyone take a look at the
output and see if there are any problems that I missed the last time I
looked over it? Thanks!

May you code in the power of the source,
may the kernel, libraries, and utilities be with you,
throughout all distributions until the end of the epoch.

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