Adam Myrow amyrow at
Tue Mar 18 21:43:33 EST 2003

If you do try tin, the way to set it up is to either set your news-server
at compile time, or make a file called /etc/nntpserver.  Slackware does
this.  Just edit /etc/nntpserver to contain the name of your NNTP server,
then type "rtin" to start it up.  The r in front tells it to read from the
NNTP server instead of assuming that you store news on your local machine.
If your connection is slow, and you have your newsgroups picked out
already, add a "-Q" to the end of the command.  That is, a space and dash
followed by a capital Q in typical Unix/Linux fashion.  There is a file
called authinfo.txt in the /usr/doc/tin-1.5.11 directory of a Slackware
installed version.  If you don't set up the authentication to be
automatic, you will be manually prompted for a username and password each
time you start up.  Look at the man page for Tin, as it's very
informative.  There is a menu of options that is overwhelming in its size
and I can't even figure out half the options.  The program isn't perfect,
but like Pine, I've used it for about 7 or 8 years in various forms or
another starting at college, so I am somewhat biased.

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