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Thu Mar 13 10:48:18 EST 2003

Hi Kenny. Thanks I will try that next time I have to switch the synth to a 
different machine. How long does it usually take for Speakup to determine that 
there is no synth there? I haven't checked on this yet, but I am guessing there 
is a for loop with I as the control variable, that is accepting review keys. 
Then an if(i>x) where x is number of keystrokes before Speakup determines there 
is no synth plugged in. I believe I have it somewhat right, but clearly I have 
no clearer picture as I have not read the entire source. 
> Hi.  When you plug the deqtalk back into the computer you need to get
> speakup to reset the synth.  After you plug the synth back up but before
> you turn it on you need to press several speakup review keys and wait a
> minute.  Pressing the review keys makes sure speakup knows there is no
> synth.  
> After you make sure speakup knows the synth is gone, you can turn it on
> and press insert-enter.  You should hear speakup re-initilize the synth.
> Your rate pitch voice and tone will be back to the default when speakup
> first booted, so you will need to reset them.
> Hope this helps.
>           Kenny
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 09:19:22PM -0500, Igor Gueths wrote:
> > Hi all. Numerous times I have had to switch my Dectalk to a different
> > machine. Then once I replug it back in, everything seems to speak ok.
> > However, when I do an ls, I get extremely long pauses between
> > filename/extention. For example, instead of getting, I would get
> > something like: Does this have to do with the serial line
> > to the Dectalk not handshaking properly? And the only way I can think to
> > solve this problem is to reboot the machine. Does anyone have any other
> > sollutions? Thanks!
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