reinit dectalk driver

Luke Davis ldavis at
Thu Mar 13 04:57:02 EST 2003

Do you actually cycle the DECTalk power during this?
Have you tried rerunning the appropriate setserial after the

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Igor Gueths wrote:

> Hi all. Numerous times I have had to switch my Dectalk to a different
> machine. Then once I replug it back in, everything seems to speak ok.
> However, when I do an ls, I get extremely long pauses between
> filename/extention. For example, instead of getting, I would get
> something like: Does this have to do with the serial line
> to the Dectalk not handshaking properly? And the only way I can think to
> solve this problem is to reboot the machine. Does anyone have any other
> sollutions? Thanks!
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