SSL Errors in Lynx

Luke Davis ldavis at
Tue Mar 4 13:22:30 EST 2003

This is a known bug, and currently has no known fix.

I took a crack at the source several months ago to try to bypass it, but
there were too many candidates, and not enough time to pin it down, so I
left it for a future project.

Our admin here (Shellworld), I believe, talked to someone on the official
development team, and it is a known bug.


On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Steve Holmes wrote:

> I'm refering to lynx (the cat) with this question.
> I just updated lynx from 2.85dev2 to 2.85dev9, installed it and now
> I'm getting the following error every time I attempt an SSL
> connection:
> SSL error:unable to get local issuer certificate-Continue? (y)
> Now I can hit y or the enter key and it goes on through.  Obviously
> this is quite annoying as this happens every time an HTTPS transaction
> is attempted.  This did not happen at all with my previous version of
> lynx.  Yes, I did choose the --with-ssl option during the configure
> step; actually, I used the same configure options this time I did for
> lynx 2.85dev2 last year or so.
> I don't know if the newer lynx requires a latter version of the
> openssl libraries or not.
> This is all on a slackware 8.1 system with a 2.4.20 kernel.
> Any ideas?

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