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Mirabella, Mathew J Mathew.Mirabella at team.telstra.com
Mon Mar 3 17:22:50 EST 2003

hey folks... i like the zed as well.  It is indeed "zed" not "zee".

I have started using speakup on a red hat 8 system with the updated kernal 2.4.18-24.8.0 and a dectalk express.

i found i had to edit the /etc/sysconfig/keyboard file to say KEYBOARD="speakup" instead of "us".  But I would like to know where this speakup keymap file resides on my system.... and ... is there a way to leave the keyboard file as it was, but specify a keymap file somewhere else...  so i can use a variety of keymaps i make myself?

Also... I found a few little issues, may not be bugs.

when moving around and reading text... speakup often leaves big pauses between words which do not reflect the sentance flow and do not always reflect the punctuation.  That's is often read as that s.  rather than thats.  hope you can see what i mean here.

Is there a fix for this so it reads more smoothly similar to emacspeak in an emacs buffer.  also is there a way to get it to read bolded and coloured text in different voices or pitches?

Also, with cursoring on, where i assume you can scroll around in a file open in vi for example, and where speakup reads each line of text as you scroll to it, i find that when you get to the bottom of the text, moving down one further line in order to scroll the next line of text onto the screen, speakup does not speak that line, and one must scroll down a bit further and scroll up to it to read it.  Is this a bug in my system or is it a known issue with speakup and vi.

Also I would like to know how to go about turning speakup off properly so that i can run emacspeak with the dectalk express.  i tried insert-kpEnter, afdter which speakup says "you turned me off", but running emacspeak i get the no speaker process error.. is this because speakup is still using the serial port?  how do i resolve this.

Also I sometimes fine the dec express reads out things like '25] etc. etc.  which i assume are the character codes for down arrow etc.  this happens mostly when i press keys quickly or scroll quickly... is this a speakup or dec issue?

Thanks for any help.


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Hi, I can comment on the first two bugs.  The first is a bug. Minorly
irritating.  I can get the jist from reviewing the bottom of the screen, but
clearing this up would speed things a bit.
The second is not a bug.  It says zed when you pres the z, because it was
writtin by a dude just down the road from me in london ontario canada.
Here, we call that letter zed, as opposed to the american zee.  Dr. Seus
would never approve, but I like it.  Smile.
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> Here are some further potential bugs.
> 1.  If you backspace [at the shell prompt], while parked, it will not
> speak the deleted characters, but will instead speak [maybe], the
> character on which the reading cursor is located (after).
> 2.  It says "zepthd", or something such as that, when you read or press a
> "z".
> 3.  While using the dec express, and having Speakup spell a word in all
> caps, or some caps and some other types, it will read the first two or so
> letters, say "command error in string value", one or more characters
> further, and later, depending on whether the word/acronym/etc., is short
> or long, "command error in parameter", followed by maybe some numbers or
> the like. I think this is the dec's bug, but speakup's problem, in the way
> it is sending data to the DEC.
> 4.  In the todo file, it suggests that a good new feature, would be to
> check parck status and store it, before doing a console switch.  This
> appears to work now.
> Luke
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