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Kenny Hitt kennyhitt at
Mon Mar 3 08:30:32 EST 2003

Hi.  I could add the commands to my .bash_profile but I rarely boot my
system.  I just type the commands I want the first time I log in after a
boot.  The system I use for mail hasn't been booted since Jan 2.  Back
on Jan 2, I had to type
rate d
at my first log in.  If I remove the synth from the system, I would have
to type the rate command again when I reconnect the synth but it isn't a


On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 12:21:59AM -0500, Dave Hunt wrote:
> Ken,
> You now have a simple "config" mechanism.  All you need do is write
> yet another script, what calls your one-liners.  Even give this one a
> name like "speakup.conf" in your home directiry.  
> -Dave
> >>>>> "Kenny" == Kenny Hitt <kennyhitt at> writes:
>     Kenny> Hi.  I just created a set of one line scripts to change
>     Kenny> values of speakup.  This way I can just type things like
> ...
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