More Problems Installing Speakup

Luke Davis ldavis at
Sun Mar 2 02:14:14 EST 2003

Okay, guys, either I am more of an idiot than I think, or there is
something wrong with the installation script used to patch the kernel.
Maybe I should stick to C.
I believe I know what is happening, but after looking through the script,
I'm not sure where it is breaking down--all of the expected directories
(/usr/src/{linux,linux-2.4.20,speakup,speakup-1.00}) exist.

I pulled the CVS speakup as directed, resulting in the following directory

BUGS         cvsversion.h   speakup.c            speakup_dtlk.c
COPYING      diff-v22/      speakup_acnt.h       speakup_dtlk.h
CVS/         diff-v23/      speakup_acntpc.c     speakup_ltlk.c
Changes      diff-v24/      speakup_acntsa.c     speakup_spkout.c    diff-v25/      speakup_apolo.c      speakup_txprt.c
Makefile     genmap.c       speakup_audptr.c     speakupmap.c
TODO         install*       speakup_bns.c
checkclean*  patchlist-v22  speakup_decext.c     symbols.h
checkin*     patchlist-v24  speakup_dectlk.c
checkout*    patchlist-v25  speakup_drvcommon.c

Upon doing the install with the "install" script, I get this:

Patching version v24
cp: cannot stat `speakup': No such file or directory
Creating .orig files [cat:
/usr/src/linux/drivers/char/speakup/patchlist-v24: No such file or
] done.
Patching files [ppatch: Changes: extra operand
patch: Try `patch --help' for more information.
] done.
Copying files [ccp: copying multiple files, but last argument `symbols.h'
is not a directory
Try `cp --help' for more information.
] done.

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