Installing Linux with Speakup

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Jan 29 16:15:03 EST 2003

Montemayor, Kateri writes:
> From: "Montemayor, Kateri" <KMontemayor at>
> Unfortunately this company is non-profit and does not want to spend money on
> the software. That is why they want to use Linux. And the How to on the
> speakup site does not tell you how to put it on the cd.
Pardon me if I misunderstood you.

It would be out of scope for the Speakup Modified HOWTO to explaain how
to create CD ROMs. It couldn't possibly do that for all operating
environments and all programs that create CD ROMs.

Consult the documentation for the software you use to create CD ROMs. 

It's not hard, but you do need software, and you do need a burner.

So, if this is a burden, go buy a shrink-wrapped st of Red Hat 8.0.
You'll get the same functionality even more up to date. Certainly your
company can afford the $20-$50 cost of Red Hat?

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