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Mon Jan 13 17:20:25 EST 2003

Hey Igor,

I've been thinking about this problem and think I have an answer.
First, what you want to do is put the hd on ide0 (first ide controler).  Set
it to master.  Second, put the cdrw on ide 1 (second ide controler) set as

Then, go into cmos and make sure that both ide devices are enabled.  I think
your problem might be that the cdrom is disabled in bios or that it doesn't
like being slave.
I've seen problems like this before on dell machines like the one you have
and these are the most likely causes.
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> Hi all. Got quite an interesting problem here. I just recently got an
> Optiplex GX110L and figured I'd throw in my already Linuxed hdd in there.
> After doing that, everything worked except the cdrw drive which was from
> my old machine. This box appears to have an onboard ide controller, and
> also an onboard floppy controller. So the config is like this: ide,
> floppy, ide. The RW drive is set to slave, and I presume the hdd is
> mastered. Haven't checked that though. When I boot the system, the hdd is
> picked up by the kernel. Also the floppy drive is mapped to /dev/fd0 as
> expected. However the RW is left unmapped. Could this be a bad IDE
> connector? I think the only thing left to do here is test a bootable Cd
> with Debian on it for example to see if it will boot. Does anyone have any
> other ideas they can throw out, or other variables I should check for?
> Thanks!
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