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hmm,if I'm following you right, then I tell it to go to a colder then I
have to specify ~/mail/speakup for example instead of just speakup like
I could with pine

Yes, I already figured out how to change the frolder from ~/Mail to
~/mail. That was one of the first things I figured out.

Kerry Hoath wrote
| Ok to answer a mutt question or two.
| Setting columns to 200 is likely to cause cursor strangeness;
| the screen is not after all 200 colums wide.
| You can aleviate this by passing a vga= optiont o the kernel to
| make the screen 132 columns wide (really).
| Mutt does not show the full subject line and full name because the index is 1
| line per message. if the subject or name is too long it would wrap and mess up
| the index and the numbers and markers would not line up.
| Outlook express and eudora behave this way too so widen the screen
| to 132 columns.
| You might need to set vga=ask and get a sighted person to get you the mode 
| number for 132x43 it changes depending on your video card
| the vesa bios on the card and such things.
| Reading the mutt manual will tell you to specify a folder that resides
| in your ~/Mail directory you need to specify
| =foldername
| just specifying foldername assumes the folder is in the
| current directory. So if you want to save to
| ~/Mail/junk then specify =junk to the save messages to prompt.
| Options in the config file set this location note that mutt uses
| ~/Mail  and pine uses ~/mail
| this can be changed.
| Regards, Kerry.
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