palmtops running linux

Beth Wright beth.wright at
Wed Apr 23 18:25:58 EDT 2003

Hi!  I know very little about either Linux, Speakup, or any other of the
speech systems that work with Linux.  In other words, I subscribed to this
list to get information, with little hope of being able to contribute.  But,
when I saw the posts about palmtops running Linux, I went to, and
saw that they were selling one by Sharp.  It's called the Zaurus SL-5600,
and costs around $500.00, I think.  Maybe some of you techies can look at
the specifications, and see if it would work with speech.  Speaking of
technical, I think this list is a little over my head.  Are there any lists
for blind people who are just starting to learn about Linux?  Thanks for any

Beth Wright

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