Scott Howell showell at
Sat Sep 28 22:02:10 EDT 2002

Speakup friends,

I decided to try out Bastille. Its quite good and seems to be really
indepth and if you want to learn a bit on firewalling while setting it
up, its the poop as far as I can tell. Ok, well it would be if I could
get it configured. I'm having some problems with the perl scripts. I
can't captured the errors its generating in the scripts cause they just
scroll off the screen. Is there a way to capture these? The error log it
generates isn't giving me any useful data. I suspect there is something
being called in the script I just don't have installed, but I don't know
what. I ran it on another Debian box that has lots of stuff installed,
but I was trying to keep things minimized on the intended firewall box. I
assume correctly or incorrectly, that apt-get would have gotten all the
dependancies covered, but obviously not.

Any thoughts welcome cause I'm going nuts. I'm there you know, near the
final steps of getting the thing configured and it craps out.




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