Look Out Macintosh!

Jason Symes jsymes at netins.net
Fri Sep 13 15:43:05 EDT 2002

Oh, I'll bet my life savings on it! I used a mac over 10 years ago, and I
don't even see why 3.1 percent use macs. Interface was ugly, unfriendly,
unlabeled, incompregensible, and so on and so forth!
At 02:14 PM 9/13/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Yesterday's Wall Street Journal contained some interesting numbers on
desktop market shares. Of course, you know who's products has the lion's
>But check out these two numbers for number two and number three:
>Macintosh	3.1%
>Linux		2.7%
>Seems to me Mac may be number three by this time next year? Anyone wanna
bet on that?
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