emacs speak and a normal sound card

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if emacs speak comes with redhat 7.3 by default i.e. its already bundeled
with it what would i need to do to get emacs speak running without a sound
card... that way i know how that stuff works... i have a fairly intense log
of my hardware and the only thing that is flagged with win mswin or windows
is the lucent win modem... i have an ethernet card i use for internet and i
do know that it is usable with unix/linux/whatever because the person that
used it before me had it set that way...

anyways tnx for the help

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> Hi, Emacspeak will work on any soundcard that Linux supports. One quick
> durty way to configure and test your sound system is to run sndconfig and
> run through that dialog box. It will attempt to find your sound device
> a wave file, and then a midi file if it finds your midi channel.
> For hardware issues it will help to have a list of your hardware on hand
> such as make, moddle, and brand. Start a little note book of what kind of
> modem you have, what soundcard you have, monitor, and so on. Also flag any
> hardware device that says winmodem, or windows anything in it's name. Some
> of that trash is designed specifically for the Windows operating system
> only.
>  Remember we live in a rather bias world where most computer specialists
> ignorant about Linux, and most PC manufacturers won't help you if you put
> Linux on your computer. So lists such as this one come in handy, and
> learning to take notes is an emence help down the road.
> Hth.
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