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Thu Sep 5 15:05:38 EDT 2002

Hi. Still no go with the capture settings. I did notice something rather
peculiar. Note: I did forget to mention that I was running
alsa-0.9.0-beta12 I have examined the status of the Capture/Capture Boost
channels, and the capture channels are there. However, amixer let's me
only set playback on or off? amixer set 'Capture' captureon gives the
error: amixer: No such setting captureon. I also checked lsmod and the
snd-ac97-codec module was loaded, however there was no mixer controll
named AC97Capture or similar. I also set Analog Loopback and Digital
Loopback to capture and turned them to 100%, and still no effect. Any
other ideas? I will try explicitly enabling capture for 'Capture' in
/etc/asound.conf, but don't know if that will work. Thanks!

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On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Doug Lawlor wrote:

> Have a look at your capture settings (AC97Capture and Capture) and make
> sure they are on and turned up.  Those are two things which could be
> causing your problem.
> Doug
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