need a bit of hardware advise

Bear in SFO BearSFO at PacBell.NET
Tue Oct 29 01:30:56 EST 2002

Yes there are the old kind of 'rail' that attach onto your drive to make it 
wider so you can affix that to your 5.25 drive bay - around $10 or so...

At 08:46 PM 10/28/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi all.
>A friend of mine will be giving me a 10 gb hard drive, which I could most 
>certainly use.
>However, I don't have any 3.5 inch bays free in the case, but do have 3 
>5.25 inch bays free.
>Short of going out and getting one of those mobile rack drawers that 
>install in the 5.25 inch bays, is there any safe way for me to secure a 
>3.5 inch hard drive into a 5.25 inch bay?
>Thanks in advance.
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