More alsa questions.

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As root, do this:

alsactl store

That creates /etc/asound.state, and then amixer ought to work.
The first thing to do once amixer can find your default settings
is to do this:

amixer > anything.txt

and examine the resulting file. It will show you what settings
are there for you to change and what their official names and
limits are. Your various services can be muted or unmuted so that
you can use them without hearing them, such as with a mike input.

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Thomas Ward wrote:

> Hi, list. Here is what is happening so far with my alsa setup.
> I've successfully installed the alsa-drivers, alsa-lib, and alsa-utils.
> I've modified the /etc/modules.conf file to reflect the new modules, and
> I've added alsasound to chkconfig, and sset alsasound to come up on
> startup.
> When I first ran service alsasound start to load the alsasound service it
> announced that it loaded my soundcard, and then told me no config in
> /etc/asound.state. I have to unmute my card.
> Now the question is naturally:
> 1. How do I unmute my card.
> 2. What is a quick   way to configure my  wav, midi, cd audio, etc?
> 3. When I tried configuring my settings in amixer according to the man
> page I get the following error:
> amixer: Mixer attach default error: No such file or directory
> What does this mean, and what is going on here?
> Thanks.
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