Finally got RC3 of Alsa to build and still the same

jwantz at jwantz at
Fri Oct 18 21:58:37 EDT 2002

Hi Adam,
Actually, I found that 0.5.12 worked better with the AWE64 than any of 
the later releases.  However, I now have 3 machines 2 linux and 1 
Windblows that all use SBLIVE!  Since the SBLIVE! has multi channel 
capability and only sells for about $28.00, I'd recommend replacing your 
AWE64.  I'm running alsa 0.9.0rc3 on my linux machines with the SBLIVE! 
with absolutely no problem.

    Jim Wantz WB0TFK
On Fri, 18 Oct 2002, Adam Myrow wrote:

> I got RC3 of Alsa to build by specifying that it only build support for my
> sound card.  I did a "./configure --with-sequencer=yes --with-cards=sbawe"
> and that left out the offending code.  However, it acts exactly like Beta
> 12 did.  It still slows the sound down to a crawl randomly, and now I've
> figured out that it also randomly makes recordings into noise.  I am
> absolutely disgusted with Alsa.  I don't think it's ready for production
> and including it in the kernel is a very bad idea IMHO if this is its
> current state.  Given that it has had several years to develop, I would
> expect something usable by now, but as far as I'm concerned, it is
> completely useless.  I don't know how you guys have ever gotten any good
> out of the thing.  Maybe it's just broken with the AWE64.
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