recomended Alsa version for an AWE64?

Steve Holmes steve at
Tue Oct 15 19:04:52 EDT 2002

I keep hearing so many horrer stories about getting ALSA going that I
hardly find the worth in even trying.  I understand it is supposed to
work better than OSS like recording better and more reliably and to
allow full duplex operation with Speak Freely but...  I wonder why the
compilation procedures for ALSa have been so unpredictable and
apparently flakey.

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 06:54:25PM -0400, Charles Hallenbeck wrote:
> I have also been unable to compile that version of alsa on my
> Slackware system with kernel 2.4.18, and have had the same error
> messages. I have had success compiling 0.9.0beta11 and am
> sticking with it. My card is an sblive though, not an awe64.
> On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Adam Myrow wrote:
> > Well, hearing how once people get it working, everybody seems to be quite
> > pleased with Alsa, I've been trying to get it to compile.  I am using
> > Slackware Linux with kernel 2.4.19 and trying to build Alsa 0.9.0-RC3.
> > The drivers aren't compiling and giving a string of errors having to do
> > with conflicting definitions and such.  I am trying to use a Soundblaster
> > AWE64.  I know that this card has been around for awhile so I was thinking
> > that maybe an older version would be more likely to build.  Is there a
> > particular version that is known to work well with this card?  Otherwise,
> > I can provide the rather long list of warnings and errors I am getting and
> > go from there.  I'm doing this so I can use full duplex with Speak Freely.
> > I had found a hack to sort of get full duplex to work with the kernel
> > drivers, but it would generate a lot of record overrun errors and lengthy
> > pauses.  Any ideas welcome.
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