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Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Mon Oct 7 08:36:28 EDT 2002

Well and for another interesting construct, consider the case
statement.  this is where you can have multiple values for a single
variable and appropriate action is taken for each value.

It goes something like this:
case $var in
"1" )
"2" )

Notice the esac (case spelled backwards) <smile>.

Yes, the line number should point you directly to the line in an
editor.  Just beware that the interpreter might be confused or messed
if you left out groupings like parentheses or quotes.

On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 05:11:13AM -0400, Scott Howell wrote:
> Huh, I never gave any thought to the fi as being the end of an if 
> statement, but that makes sense. Ok I'll check it out and I think there 
> just might be more than one hanging in there. I guess the real question 
> is when you get an error from the shell that says error in line 227, 
> does that line count include the comment lines as well? In other words 
> does it mean you can pull the file into your edit, go to line 227, and 
> remove the offending problem?
> Never was 100% clear on this point.
> tnx
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