8.0 problems.

Bear in SFO BearSFO at PacBell.NET
Sat Oct 5 20:40:29 EDT 2002

I had the same thing happened to me once while installing 7.3 and no matter 
what I do I can't get Speakup to talk...

What I did (probably not the right answer but it worked):  the standard 
Micro$oft Support answer- reinstall :)


At 12:59 AM 10/5/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi, list. I have solved problem one getting speakup to talk to me during
>install, but have another problem.
>While installing Red Hat I acceidently got confused where I was on the
>screen and pressed ok before changing from a graphical to a text login.
>Now, of course it comes up in run level 5, and I've tried using
>alt+control+f1 to get to a text login and nothing is happening. The only
>thing I see on the screen is starting first boot. That's it. What to do now?
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