Network card problems

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Sat Oct 5 18:25:47 EDT 2002

Hi there.  Does it obtain any information from the DHCP server such as
gateway, subnet mask, or anything like that?

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> Hi all,
> i put a 3com etherlink3 isa ethernet card into my linux box.  When I ran
> netconfig to set up the network, I filled out all my settings, like using
> dhcp and the address of my dhcp server, and when it asked if I wanted it
> probe for my nic, I said yes.  It came back with the right network card,
> using the 3c509 module.  I then finished netconfig, and ran ifconfig eth0.
> And now my problem occurred.  Everything was shown, like mac address, etc,
> but no ip address.  Also the link light on my router wasn't on for that
> port.  I restarted and found that the link light on the router turns on
> about 5 seconds during boot, then goes out.
> What could be my problem?
> Explorer has caused a general protection fault in module kernel32.dll. I'm
> sick of Winblows!
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