broken pipe from tar

Kerry Hoath kerry at
Sat Nov 30 08:50:49 EST 2002

Actualy broken pipe can be caused by
bzip2 or gzip exiting before tar.
This can happen when all data has been decompressed in a pipe.
the sigpipe signal is reported by Bash but is harmless unless an error
proceeds it.

Regards, Kerry.
On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 07:10:15AM -0600, Adam Myrow wrote:
> A broken pipe means one process finished before another.  In this case, it
> sounds like tar aborted before bzip2 could complete.  There should have
> been another message before the broken pipe.  Are you low on memory by any
> chance?  Are your tar files more than 2GB?  Those are the only things that
> come to mind.
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