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Hi Janina,
I guess I am just paranoid about installing Linux for the first time, and I
would rather screw up zipspeak, than screw up my first install of RedHat.

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Don't bother with zipspeak. You're wasting your time given that you have
an entire drive to devote to Linux. You have nothing in jeopardy and
nothing to lose. Install the Red Hat you downloaded and learn from
something that's up to date.

Glenn Ervin writes:
> From: "Glenn Ervin" <glennervin at>
> I just installed zipspeak, so I could get some linux under my belt before
> installing RedHat.
> I encountered an error, and I would like some feedback please.
> I got the final message:
> kernel panic vfs error mounting fs 0300
> Or something very similar.
> I had made more progress with this attempt after I changed the root to hda
> from hda1
> the zipspeak is installed on c:\linux by default.
> This is installed on my 80 GB harddrive.
> I remember some of the speakup keystrokes, but I am not sure what to do if
> it actually works.
> I believe it may ask for a password, and it seems like it is:
> passwrd
> and there was something about user name I believe.
> I sure hope someone cane give me some suggestions on the first problem, as
> well as an idea of what to expect when it works.
> Thanks in advance!
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