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Aren't there some synthesizers that can use the parallel port?

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Hi.  Why don't you ask about jaws on a windows list?  You can just
install Linux on it from a cd rom.  The screen reader won't cost
anything, and the people who created it  won't treat you like a criminal!


On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 09:20:04PM -0500, Patrick Turnage wrote:
> Hi.
> My mom wanted me to do some shopping for notebooks for christmas. I have a
> hint that when I get home on december 20, she's going to ask me the best
> deal I found. She said no more than 1000 dollars.
> I have found the toshiba 1115-S103 from Bestbuy for 1099 with a 200 dollar
> rebate.
> The specifications look fine to me, except. It does not have a serial port
> or floppy disk drive.
> 1. How can I install jaws on a computer with no floppy disk drive? What
> people doing to boot the system? Aside from bootible cdrom.
> 2. What would be the best way to have serial devices accessable to the
> system? I may want to install Linux so having the serial port workable
> speakup is what I want. That is the only thing I use the serial port for..
> My mom has placed a few requirements on me, like the machine has to be
> pickupable from a store.. So I'm at the murcy of their pricing...
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> sincerely,
> Patrick
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