preparing my hard drive

Igor Gueths igueths at
Thu Nov 28 20:57:01 EST 2002

Ok did you remove all the partitions from the drive? Or are all fs's
corrupted? In anycase, fdisk measures drive geometry in either cylinders
or sectors so you can partition the disk using either measurement. I
believe distruid or something to that name is used under RH as the default
partitioning tool however other distros use fdisk. If you have fdisk
though, might as well use it as it works a bit better.

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On Thu, 28 Nov 2002, Glenn Ervin wrote:

> I am getting closer to installing RedHat.
> I have downloaded the 8.0 ISO's and made CD images.
> But since I ran F Disk, without setting any partitions, neither CMOS or
> windows recognizes the 8 GB hard drive.
> I tried running FIPS, but it says that it can only partition a DOS drive.
> * Will Linux recognize this drive when I begin to install Linux, and will it
> format & partition the drive?
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