Red Hat 8 with Speakup

Ed Barnes e_barnes at
Tue Nov 26 22:47:51 EST 2002

Hi Matt, possibly somebody has already answered this question for you as 
I'm reading mail I fetched around 9 tonight and generally the gang on here 
are pretty quick answering things.
Two suggestions.
1. Check to see that the append statement in /etc/lilo.conf includes the 
necessary declaration foryour particular synthesizer.
It should look something like:
2. If you're getting boot up messages but no speech at the login prompt 
check to make sure you have run level 3 in:
Good luck and hth.

  At 07:17 PM 11/26/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>         Hi,
>I just finished installing Red Hat 8 with Speakup during the 
>install.  That worked great.  Maybe I missed something in the 
>documentation, but Speakup does not load during bootup now.  How do I fix 
>this?  Do I need to edit Lilo (that's what I am going to do probably) or 
>is there something else?
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