Bill Gates at McDonalds

Ann Parsons akp at
Tue Nov 26 12:43:45 EST 2002

Hi all,

The Blind-x list is spending this week posting jokes.  This one I
thought you would all enjoy.

Bill at McDonalds:

Bill Gates: "I'd like to have a Big Mac."

Cashier:    "One Big Mac, one Coke. Makes 3.50."

Bill Gates: "I only ordered a Big Mac!"

Cashier:    "The Coke belongs to this, it's part
of the whole package."

Bill Gates: "What? I won't pay for the Coke!"

Cashier:    "You needn't. It's free."

Bill Gates: "But didn't the Big Mac cost only 1.95?"

Cashier:   "Right. But now the Big Mac has new
               It now comes with a Coke!"

Bill Gates: "I just had a Coke, I don't need another

Cashier:    "Okay, then you'll get no Big Mac."

Bill Gates: "Oh well, I'll pay the 1.95 and just leave
away the Coke."

Cashier:  "You can't separate the package. Big Mac and
Coke are seamlessly integrated."

Bill Gates: "Nonsense! Big Mac and Coke are two
different things."

Cashier:  "Okay, then watch this."
               (Dips a Big Mac into a glass of Coke.)

Bill Gates: "Yuck, what are you doing?"

Cashier:    "This is only in the interest of the
customer, this way we can guarantee a uniform taste
for all our products."

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