Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Mon Nov 25 13:12:27 EST 2002

jwantz at babel.hpcc.noaa.gov writes:

> Presumably, jiffy_delta controls how often speakup tries to insert itself 
> in the running kernel measured in jiffies of course.  Incidentally, in 
> Redhat 8.0 they recently increased the speed of the kernel by an order of 
> magnitude.  This is of course more CPU intensive, but it improves the 
> performance of realtime applications.
> Kirk, please correct me if I am wrong about jiffy_delta.

Well, you're right up to a point.  jiffie_delta is actually the amount
of time speakup allows itself to hold the processor.  In other words
how long before it returns control to the remainder of the kernel.
Delay_time is how often it inserts itself into the running kernel or
takes control.



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