Wedit 0.3.1 is ready

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Sat Nov 23 14:15:41 EST 2002

Wedit is a wave file editor that relies on standard helper
programs such as lame, oggdec and oggenc, and vsound plus
trplayer plus RealPlayer8 for conversions between mp3,
ogg/vorbis, and realaudio formats. It processes sound files in
memory, so you better have a lot of ram and swap for large files.

Recent changes include a total rewrite in C instead of C plus
plus, simplified prompts, and corrections in some statistical
listings. There are lots of help screens but other documentation
is scarce. I am preparing a discussion of the measurement of
loudness that will soon be added to the package.

If you already have wave file editing software you may not need
this package, but I use it regularly and you are welcome to give
it a spin.

Please let me know about any problems compiling or running the


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