sequencer problem.

Steve Holmes steve at
Tue Nov 19 21:40:34 EST 2002

In case anyone is interested, I did a successful compile and install
of RC6 of ALSA this past weekend and received absolutely no errors.
That was on a slackware 8.1 system running a 2.4.19 kernel.  I chose
'y' for the basic sound support and left every other sound option out.

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 09:05:25PM -0500, Christopher Moore wrote:
> I'd be suspicious of all those unresolved symbols.  I haven't loaded rc6
> yet, but you should check your compiloe options.  You may be picking up a
> vwersion of the modules from an earlier alsa.  
> Is the rest of the card working?
> Are your aliases in conf.modules correct?
> Also make sure your kernel is compiled with sound as a module and no other
> sound related options checked off.
> Chris
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