need some rh help

Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Nov 19 18:09:57 EST 2002

Jason Symes writes:
> I was browsing the rh images folder on the ftp site, and I found a file
> called MD5SUM. Is this an important file, and should I download it?

Yes, you should download it and use it. It can tell you whether the large, .iso images you've donwloaded actually are exact copies of the ones on the
Internet. That's very helpful because you don't want to get half way into an installation only to discover that there are errors in your downloaded
installation files, and the installer can't continue.

If the iso images and the file MD5SUM are all in the same directory, you can issue the command:

md5sum -c MD5SUM

It's a very simple way to avoid a lot of heartache.

PS: If md5sun reports problems, don't download the files again, if you can possibly avoid it. Instead, use rsync to fix the bad parts.

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