O T: bookmarks in l i n k s

Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at mhonline.net
Sun Nov 17 16:26:52 EST 2002

This too is only sketchy, but perhaps it is a start:

To bookmark a site you have reached, do this:

type the letter S
You are now in the bookmarks menu with six or eight subcommands
shown across the bottom. You can either type the first letter of
one of these commands or move from one to the next with the left
and right arrow keys, pressing enter when you find one you want.
You want to either type an A or move to Add and press enter.

Now the name of the page you are visiting is added at the top of
your available bookmarks, and your cursor is placed at the right
of this name. You may edit it now if you wish. When you are happy
with the name of this entry, press enter.

Now you are once again at the bottom and you either type C or
move to Close and press enter.

That's it.

To select a bookmark, again start by pressing the letter S

Move down through the list of available bookmarks. You will hear
two names spoken each time, first the upper one and then the one
beneath it. When you reach the bookmark you want to go to, press
the letter G or press enter on the Go To command.

There is evidently a lot more power in these bookmarks, but I
have not figured it out yet either.


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