my notes on l i n k s

Kenny Hitt kennyhitt at
Sun Nov 17 14:40:17 EST 2002

Hi.  Theese are just things I and others have found about using links.
As the subject says, this message is about l i n k s not l y n x.
First, there are 3 different distros of links.  The origional links
which is a text browser without javascript or lua script support.  The
other distros are based on this browser.
Second is elinks.  This is a version of links with support for lua
scripting.  It forked from links several versions ago.  The Debian
package of links is actually elinks.
Third is links with javascript support.  It is based on the most recent
version of the origional links browser.  There isn't a Debian package
for it.
As I write this, the latest version of links with javascript is 2.1pre7.
to use it you will need to download the source and compile it.
You can get it at
After you get it, you will need to configure and compile it.
I change to the source directory and usually type
./configure --enable-javascript --with-ssl
To install, type make install as root.

The javascript is based on javascript version 1.3 from Netscape.
Netscape versions 4.04 and 4.5 uses javascript 1.3.
Because links's javascript support is written in C it will be hard to update it.
I am finding web sights with scripts which don't work, so it still has
Before you start to use it with speakup, you might want to do the
Start the browser by just typing links.  This will give you a blank
screen.  Pressing escape gets you to the menu bar.  Start by going to
settings terminal and uncheck block cursor.  You won't get feedback in
the menus, but the cursor should track.  You toggle check boxes in the
links menus by using the space bar, but you use enter to toggle chech
boxes on web sights.  After you uncheck block cursor you
will need to go back to the settings menu and select save options.
By default links displays tables.  This makes the web pages look corect,
but it will be confusing trying to read them with speakup.  To fix this,
goto view html and uncheck display tables.  You will then need to go
back to view and select save html options.
I haven't figured out the bookmark manager yet, so if anyone else does
please let me know.

I'm not good at writing documentation and I've been playing with this
thing for a few weeks, so I've probably forgotten something important.

Hope this is helpful.

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