announcement: Woody floppies released!

Tommy Moore tmoore at
Wed Nov 13 09:32:11 EST 2002

I'd be interested in the process you used to create the debian installers as well.
Last time I checked when trying to get the boot-floppies package I had trouble getting the system to send it to me and even tried getting the src package for it and building that so it wouldn't work.
For handling the different kernels though what I did was go get the kernel source tree from the debian site, untared the file, patcked it with speakup, retared it and when the different images were being built the config files that were used didn't have speakup in them so I was able to answer all the speakup questions so this is how I came up with the kernel-image packages when I did the installers for Potato some time ago.
Then what I did was copy the generated .deb files in to place so that the boot-floppies build process would extract the kernels out of those packages and put the in to place in to the different install images.


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