speakup with Older doubletalk lt?

Charles Crawford ccrawford at acb.org
Tue Nov 12 11:01:43 EST 2002

What did you have to pay for the double talk?  Interested.

-- chrlie.
At 03:28 PM 11/11/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Well, maybe the third time is the charm here. This is my third attempt
>at switching to Linux. I've got a new system with a lot of space free
>and a copy of partition magic 8.0 on the way so I can partition my
>drive. Ah, the last piece of winblows software I'll ever buy! <G> I
>figure while doing something as serious as partitioning I should stay in
>the environment I'm familiar with.
>Anyway, I've just ordered a doubletalk lt external synthesizer for use
>with speakup. When the order was done, I wondered about the very low
>price so asked if this was refurbished or something. They said it was an
>older model but it's still in the box with all accessories. My question
>is, will speakup still work with the older doubletalk? Or do I hurry and
>try to cancel the order so I can buy a different synth?
>Justin Ekis
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