speakup with Older doubletalk lt?

Justin Ekis jekis at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 11 18:28:04 EST 2002

Hi all,

Well, maybe the third time is the charm here. This is my third attempt
at switching to Linux. I've got a new system with a lot of space free
and a copy of partition magic 8.0 on the way so I can partition my
drive. Ah, the last piece of winblows software I'll ever buy! <G> I
figure while doing something as serious as partitioning I should stay in
the environment I'm familiar with.

Anyway, I've just ordered a doubletalk lt external synthesizer for use
with speakup. When the order was done, I wondered about the very low
price so asked if this was refurbished or something. They said it was an
older model but it's still in the box with all accessories. My question
is, will speakup still work with the older doubletalk? Or do I hurry and
try to cancel the order so I can buy a different synth?

Justin Ekis

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