speakup synth keywords.

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sun Nov 10 12:12:08 EST 2002

Your advice to your friend was correct. The synths supported by Speakup and the keywords used are the same. In fact,
everything in the HOWTO for the Speakup Modified remains true for Red Hat 8.0, with the exception that you no longer
need to download iso images because you can use packaged Red Hat media. Of course, if you still want to download iso
images, you can, but even there, you can now download from any Red Hat mirror and still get full Speakup support. The
other thing that I need to correct, of course, are the various hyperlinks to Red Hat documentation because they still
point to Red Hat 7.3.

I guess I should get buasy and update the HOWTO! <smile>

Carin Headrick writes:
> From: "Carin Headrick" <headrick2001 at rogers.com>
> Hi.  My friend is getting red hat 8, and I stupidly referred her to the list
> of synths in the howto for redhat 7.3 and speakup.  Are the keywords the
> same for redhat 8?
> Carin
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