in place file splitter

Igor Gueths igueths at
Sat Nov 9 10:33:16 EST 2002

Hi Geoff. This is true, especially with /var/tmp. /var/tmp is cleaned as
part of the shutdown sequence. So at that time, /tmp wasn't subjected to
your quota?

May you code in the power of the source,
may the kernel, libraries, and utilities be with you,
throughout all distributions until the end of the epoch.

On Sat, 9 Nov 2002, Geoff Shang wrote:

> Hi:
> I appreciate the motivation for writing this tool, but there's no going
> back if you don't like the results.  The way I used to get around the quota
> problem when I had one was to use /tmp for temporary storage.  You couldn't
> leave things there as they'd have a habbit of disappearing, but it proved
> very useful when I wanted to download things larger than my quota.  Suck it
> down to /tmp and download it from there.
> Geoff.
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