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Fri Nov 8 20:45:58 EST 2002

Thanks, Tyler. I understand you now, and I agree this makes sense for the circumstance you describe.

Tyler Spivey writes:
> From: "Tyler Spivey" <tyler at>
> well, normally the split command does something like:
> 1. open the file for reading.
> 2. take one chunk, open a new output file, place it there and close it.
> 3. repeat until split.
> this keeps the original file, and on a space limited system, e.g. a quota,
> you're out of luck.
> in place does:
> 1. open the file for reading.
> 2. read al the chunks into some kind of list.
> 3. wait to press enter, so the user can suspend the program and remove the
> file.
> 4. write the output files.
> if you remove the original file, the split files take up almost the same
> space so quotas don't get in the way.
> my program is no where complete, just a skeleton though.
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